ZAKK WYLDE On Playing DIMEBAG’s Parts On PANTERA Tour: ‘No Matter What I Do, It’s Going To Sound Like Me’

Zakk Wylde he says that he looks like him when he performs “Dembug” Darrell Abbottsections in the future PANTHER tour

It was announced in July Wilde and Anthrax drummer Charlie Benantewith PANTHERThe surviving members of the singer Philip Anselmo and bassist Rex Brownwill go on tour as PANTHERHeadlining a number of major festivals in North America and Europe and performing some of their own headline concerts.

according to the report Billboard, Wilde and Benanteparticipation in the project was approved by the standards PANTHERparty founders, Dimebag and a drummer Vincent “Vinny Paul” Abbott.

Zach discussed his participation PANTHER holiday tour in a new interview with Guitar World. He said, “Whatever I do, it’s like me. I can do whatever I want and be as loyal as I want, but I can never get away with it. Randy Rhodes should have played Eddie Van Halenof “Shine”. Whatever he does, it sounds Randy does not play Eddie. You are never wrong Randy for Eddie or Eddie for Randyand it’s the same thing I played here Dimethings”.

On how he approaches playing the material, he says, “I go in, I learn the parts, I stay true to what I have. Dime did as much as possible and be me. I’m going to have fun with it because I know I’m not going to wait for my voice Dimeand nobody else should be, that’s how it is when I play Ozzy or whatever.”

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Zach confirmed that he uses the tool Dimebag’s own collection, including “some Dimeheads, pedals or cabs.” He added, “I use my guitars, effects and pedals, lots of pedals. Dime actually gave me, yes i will definitely use some Dimepedals and more. I’m still working out how it all comes together, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it all goes once I do. Dimetechnique, Grady [Champion], it also goes down, which is great. I have a technique, but it will be great Grady here to help you pay your respects Dime.

Zach discussed his involvement earlier PANTHER tour during the show SDR show. He said: “I have nothing to do with it [putting the PANTERA thing together]. I am friends with boys. If it were Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell wanted to show respect Jimi [Hendrix] and they [asked] Eric ClaptonEricdo you sing and play? Jimithings? We share this honor.’ It certainly looks like Eric [do it]. — Let me know when you want to do it. It’s like anything. Just like when we did “The Hendrix Experience”we do anything like that, it’s just like, ‘You guys want to come out and pay our respects? Jimi Hendrix?’ It’s just, “Yeah. Why don’t we?”

He continued, “Yes, of course. I will be honored. Even though it was a festival, they gathered and wanted. BLACK LABEL to come and have Phil sing and they have different groups – THE LAMB OF GOD, BLACK LABEL, Anthrax — and all the bands were going to play a PANTHER song and Philsings. Of course we would participate. Why don’t we participate?’

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Benante said SiriusXMof “Highway Nation with Eddie Trunk” about how they plan to approach it PANTHER gig: “I can’t do that as a drummer Anthrax because it would be a completely different sound. That’s why I do it, if you close your eyes, it sounds like that Winnie, basically. And so it will be. It sounds exactly like it.”

Wilde said that he has such an opinion. “You treat him the same way you treat me when I play Ozzy“, he said. “Obviously I have to learn [Randy] Rhodesthings I need to learn Jakeof [E. Lee] things and while I’m doing [BLACK] DENBY thing, you learn it and do it as faithfully as possible. Charlieyou have to learn everything Winnieparts. You approach it like you’re in a cover band. When we do ZACK SATURDAY things”, referring to BLACK DANNY cover band, “I don’t change lyrics midway through “War Pigs”. You learn songs – that’s what you do.”

PANTHER It will play its first shows in over 20 years starting with a co-slot in Mexico in December 2022. Hell & Heaven Metal Fest and Monterrey Metal Festivalfollowed by three Knotfest Festivals in South America. There will also be a one-off show Judas the priest Headlining concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Santiago, Chile.

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Confirmed PANTHER so far shows:

December 02 – Texico, Mexico – Hell & Heaven Metal Fest
December 06 – Monterrey, Mexico – Monterrey Metal Fest
December 09 – Bogota, Colombia – Knotfest Colombia
December 11 – Santiago, Chile – Knotfest Chile
December 12 – Santiago, Chile – Movistar Arena
December 15 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Vibra Sao Paulo (with JUDAS PRIEST)
December 18 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Knotfest Brazil

Talk about maybe PANTHER “on” increased Anselmo regularly added Wildeof BLACK LABEL SOCIETY perform PANTHERsong “i’m broke” during DOWNWork of 2014 “Golden Gods Revolver Tour”. It got louder after the buzz Brown On May 23, 2014, the tour joined the jam as it passed through Texas.

until it passes Winnie remained on non-speaking terms Anselmoindirectly blamed by the drummer Dimebagdeath of

Winnie Paul and Dimebag co-created PANTHER. When PANTHER In 2003, they were separated and formed HALL PLAN. During a performance on December 8, 2004 HALL PLAN At the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, Dimebag A schizophrenic man believed to be a member was shot dead on stage PANTHER stole his thoughts.

PANTHER manages Scott McGee of 1st class musical entertainment. Legal representative of the group Nick Ferrara and Associates. PANTHER orders internationally Rod McSween at ITB. Artist Group International orders PANTHERDates of North America, c Dennis Harp and Peter Papalardo as responsible agents.


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