Xbox Exec Says Devs Are Brave During Culture of ‘Cancellation’

Phil Spencer appeared on stage at E3 2019.

picture: Christian Petersen (Getty Images)

Microsoft Gaming’s CEO Phil Spencer sums up the joys of gaming in the meantime sense of hopelessness in the world after receiving the Andrew Yoon Legend Award in 12th Annual New York Game Awards on Tuesday night. He also applauds creators who still release “their visions” into the world in “the current culture of criticism and cancellation,” a loaded line at a time when debates are raging about the ethics of boycott some games like. Legacy of Hogwarts.

“As builders of the world our greatest responsibility is to encourage and invite happiness,” Spencer SAYS. The veteran executive who led Microsoft’s many gaming acquisitions from Minecraft to Bethesda, spoke about what games meant to him growing up, and about the increasing difficulty of tapping back into that in the modern world. “It seems today that the pursuit of happiness is an act of defiance,” he said.

Spencer continued:

We, all of us here today, all of our teams around the world, we are all part of creating this echo effect of happiness. Our creators bravely and deliberately put their visions out into the world, especially in today’s culture of criticism and cancellation; our players who bravely and deliberately set aside time for our games to invite, rest, and renew their lives; and business leaders. We are called to have the courage to protect and nurture this shared joy.

While the Microsoft Gaming CEO is a outspoken advocate for making Xbox one more diverse and inclusive forces in the gaming world, the line about our “current culture of criticism and cancellation” could be interpreted as an “anti-woke” dog whistle, and strikes an unusual note at a time when more and more that developers and players expect from game companies. responsible for their political views and behavioral deficits.

Last month, Microsoft was in promotion mode for Justin Roiland and Squanch Games’ comedy shooter Length of Life. Even the company Roiland was interviewed and later hailed the play as the biggest Game Pass launch of the year. Last week, however, it was revealed that the Rick and Morty the co-creator faced two felony domestic abuse charges from 2020, and that Squanch Games is settling a sexual harassment lawsuit a year before 2019.

“Cancellation culture” can easily be used in the debate currently unfolding among some players and content creators whether they can support transgender rights and buy more Legacy of Hogwarts. Despite JK Rowling, who is now launched a crusade against trans women, without participating in the game, the author still collects royalties from the license and it is impossible to separate from the larger Harry Potter brand.

One of the game’s voice actors, Sebastian Croft, just apologized to anyone offended by announcing his involvement in the game. Game developers Avalanche Software also sought to distance themselves from Rowling, and included a character creator’s transgender option. The studio too broke up with a developer of his YouTube videos with support for GamerGate and other controversial views.

It’s unclear whether Spencer intended to issue people who hold game creators guilty by association in some instances, to imply that game creators are sometimes subjected to unfair and unfair treatment. criticisms of faith, or if he explained how easily developers can be targets of such harassment. -called fans and players.

Nor is Microsoft the only company not directly profiting from Rowling’s work Legacy of Hogwarts. The game will be available on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC as well. Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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