World Grand Prix LIVE – Mark Allen faces Jack Lisowski as Mark Williams plays Noppon Saengkham

Allen 1-2 Lisowski (35-25)

Looking for another thin contact, Mark foul-misses again, knocking out Neela. That allows Jack to drop his first ball in half an hour, but he doesn’t do it right away. Mark can’t have it and soon all six reds are on the top rail. We could have stayed here for a while longer.

Allen 1-2 Lisowski (35-13)

World Grand Prix

Trump edged past Brezel to reach the quarters of the World Grand Prix

5 hours ago

Mark has binned all the easy balls, so is trying to develop a pair out of the blue…now. He plays it safe, five of the remaining seven reds are on or near the cushion and the other two are close.

Allen 1-2 Lisowski (12-13)

Mark the fouls again, it’s 20 minutes after a ball has been potted, and Mark plays a good safety with the green-pocket jaws filled with white, after all, it’s worth remembering that we still have 13 reds on the table. But Jack quickly drops one that Mark deposits in right-center … only to complete nothing. He finds another, caressing a long red to the left corner. A green color follows, and maybe some red, but it’s not friendly.

Allen 1-2 Lisowski (0-9)

Goodness me, another five-minute break as Mark, left on the Bolk cushion, looked worse for thin contact. No one can decide where the balls are, but if the ref has to make a call this long, I will. It’s not great fun – it’s seven minutes now – the players are discussing, it’s ridiculous. This game! Meanwhile, Jack seems to have decided he’s not going to take a free ball, so won’t benefit from a difference of opinion, but we’re still not ready to play! Incredible visuals!

Allen 1-2 Lisowski (0-5)

No loads to report here – we don’t have 12 minute pots and most of the red is still very close – Jack’s points came through fouls.

Allen 1-2 Lisowski (0-1)

Mark gets a double kiss, allowing Jack to fiercely cut into the right corner. The next thing he can do is play from yellow to the bottom rail, so the trickery starts again – this takes a while, and both play containers, not attackers.

At table two

Noppon Sangkham 2-1 Mark Williams

Allen 1-2 Lisowski

The two played out a belting semi in the UK, which Allen won 6-5, which was possible on all occasions.

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Allan 1-1 Lisowski (0-65)

Jack spots red but under the white pack, Jack has to use a swan-neck to secure it, knocking the black to the top cushion in the process. But his next shot was very different, a giant red from the right corner and the pot of the match so far. Mark needs a snooker if he pulls off a loose red … and him!

Allen 1-1 Lisowski (0-38)

Jack takes another great starter into the left corner, gets in the black and gets a good angle to upset a few. But at 32, an error on the next red leaves him on the wrong side of blue, so he has to play for one in the bulk and get past the yellow … which he does, but not between the jaws, and the crunch shot, breaking the pack, never happens. Reckless, but useful lead.

At table two

Noppon Sangkham 2-0 Mark Williams

Allen 1-1 Lisowski

Mark clears all balls with 95 and we are all-square.

Allen 0-1 Lisowski (78-25)

They go down, and more.

Allen 0-1 Lisowski (56-25)

It’s good from the mark and by the looks of things we’re set for a serious match here. We are lucky! Meanwhile, Mark needs more red for the 1-1, but with the way the balls are, I’m sure he’ll get them.

Allen 0-1 Lisowski (27-25)

Mark sinks a starter with the rest but gets past the white and has a nasty black from the right corner – he has to sneak in between the reds to hit it – which he does beautifully. He might just be in the race now.

Allen 0-1 Lisowski (10-25)

Oh that’s beautiful. The mark floats from the left side to the right corner in red, after which the yellow table is played up. However, he couldn’t manage more points, sending White into the bulk, and in the comms, they wondered if he had become the new steely. And he has yet to find a happy medium from what made him smart to begin with – his potting.

Allen 0-1 Lisowski (6-25)

Mark declines a long pot, so Jack cleans it up and he’s back between them, but soon has to play it safe from the yellow. Then, Jack fouls, messes up the balls, and we have a pause as they replace them as close as possible; This time, he strikes.

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At table two

Noppon Sangkham 1-0 Mark Williams

Allen 0-1 Lisowski

Not a ton, but a terrific run and Jack is away.

Allan 0-0 Lisowski (1-77)

Jack looks good here, but we know he’s capable of it; The question is, can it be played like this if tightened up? And take a look! He flashes a hard red to right-center and is now hunting the ton.

Allan 0-0 Lisowski (1-24)

Jack pops another isolated red, then two attempts at thin contact miss the mark and the ref warns. Instead, Mark plays the long pot – we’ve seen people sink in similar situations recently – but he misses the better part of a leg, leaving a simple starter, and Jack moves a red near the black spot, so the big dog goes into both corners.

Allan 0-0 Lisovski (1-1)

It is a big match for both the players. Mark has been the best player in the world this term and so far, but he has looked a bit out of form in the last few weeks, while Jack has improved with Peter Ebdon but is still missing big matches. He goes first here with a good red from the break in the left corner. Left-center before playing it safe.

Here we go!

Here come our players!

Matches are now best of nine, best of seven, so first five to four. Beautiful stuff.

Since earlier

Kieran Wilson 2-4 Sean Maguire

Anthony McGill 4-0 Sam Craigie

And that’s a perfect match

Mark Allen v Jack Lisowski

Not bad?

In table two we have:

Noppon Sangkham v Mark Williams

All in the evening!

And welcome to the first quarter-final of the 2023 World Grand Prix!

We did it in the afternoon

Join me again at 6.45pm GMT for a belter: Mark Allen v Jack Lisowski!

At table two

Xiao Guodong 4-1 Ryan Day

Jude speaks

He thought Luca cleared in the second frame and reckoned that made the difference, and he played well after that. He thinks he is playing better than last week and scoring more but he thinks he should have hit a maxi and he gets upset when he misses those chances.

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At table two

Xiao Guodong 3-1 Ryan Day

Jude Trump beats Luca Brezel 4-0!

Another scintillating performance from the Masters champion, who meets Gudong the next day. I feel like someone is out of luck, because make no mistake, we’re seeing the best revision ever in grand style.

Trump 3-0 Brazel (46-14)

Luca seems to take his seat while Jude piles on, and Angles notes that the conditions are pretty nice and that it helps his potting game. There is no suggestion that he will lose a ball before winning the match.

Trump 3-0 Brezel (1-14)

Judd misses red to left-center and Luca gets in, but on red he hits the top rail on black… and jaws it. If he drops one, it could be curtains … and he has. Ah well.

World Grand Prix Day 4 Schedule

Last 16

  • 13:00 – Luca Brezel [7] v Jude Trump [10]
  • 13:00 – Xiao Guodong [18] V Ryan Day [2]
  • 15:00 – Kieran Wilson [3] v Shaun Murphy [14]
  • 15:00 – Sam Craigie [22] V Anthony McGill [27]

Quarter Finals

  • 19:00 – Mark Allen / Joe O’Connor v Jack Lisowski [8]
  • 19:00 – Noppon Sangkham [28] v Mark Williams [13]

World Grand Prix format

Round 1 runs until late Wednesday afternoon and Round 2 begins Wednesday evening.

The quarterfinals will be played on Thursday night and Friday afternoon, with the first semi-final on Friday night and the second semi-final on Saturday night.

The final is on Sunday in two sessions.

  • Round 1: Top-seven
  • Round 2: Top-seven
  • Quarter Finals: The best of nine
  • Semi Finals: Best of 11
  • Final: Best of 19

What is the World Grand Prix?

With the World Grand Prix upon us, there is no shortage of snooker calendar. The event sees the top 32 players on a year’s ranking list and is the first of three tournaments that are part of the Players Series.

The defending champion is Ronnie O’Sullivan who beat Neil Robertson 10-8 in a thrilling final. This year’s event at Cheltenham for the first time in three years.

Stream the best snooker action live on Discovery+ and

World Grand Prix

O’Sullivan’s title defense ended with a crushing loss to Seinkham

A day before

World Grand Prix

Murphy overtakes Carter at World Grand Prix and Craigie

Yesterday at 15:57


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