Tom Cruise keeps ‘ruining’ filming of ‘Call the Midwife,’ star claims

Yes, Surrey, here comes Tom Cruise.

Cruise’s UK visit is believed to interfere with filming of BBC drama Call the Midwife, star Jenny Agutter says in a new interview.

“Tom Cruise keeps disrupting our shoot by landing his helicopter outside of where we’re filming,” the 69-year-old actress told the Mirror.

The Top Gun star, who has a pilot’s license, flew a helicopter over the set of The Midwife in Surrey, England, causing a stir as the cast attempted to film scenes. Cruise is apparently in town filming Mission: Impossible – Deadly Reckoning 2 .

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A representative for Cruise did not immediately return a request for comment on the post. Agutter, who plays his sister Julien, was asked if he should talk to Cruise about his rough shredding habits.

“According to my custom!” Imagine. “Sorry, Tom, but look, we’re trying to shoot. “I don’t know you, but get your helicopter out of here as soon as possible!”, he teased.

Tom Cruise
The famous actor has a pilot’s license and owns a chopper.
Asahi Shimbun via Getty Imag

Cruise is no stranger to the skies. In fact, he’s so good in the air that he’s famous for doing his stunts in the Top Gun movies.

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“I always thought there was something I could do and wanted to promote the art form. I said, “How can I film an audience with this kind of action?” I thought. And how can I cheer them up? What can I do?” the 60-year-old actor detailed his penchant for taking risks at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Tom Cruise
The “Top Gun” star could become the first actor to shoot a blockbuster in space.
Asahi Shimbun via Getty Imag

Rude even touched down on the latest Mission: Impossible film set in his private helicopter earlier this year, flying to the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick.

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Tom Cruise
Cruise has previously made headlines for detailing her dangerous on-set stunts, which she says she does herself.
Asahi Shimbun via Getty Imag

As if Earth’s vanilla skies weren’t enough for Cruise, he wants to be the first actor to shoot a movie in space — with the goal of filming on the International Space Station.

“I think Tom Cruise is taking us into space, he’s taking the world into space,” Universal Filmed Entertainment Group chairman Donna Langley said, according to BBC News. “This is the plan. We’ve got a great project we’re working on with Tom … to take a rocket to the space station and launch it.”


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