Sylvester Stallone says Bruce Willis is going through ‘really, really difficult times’ amid aphasia struggle

Actors Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone arrive at the HBO premiere in Los Angeles.

Sylvester Stallone says Bruce Willis is going through “really, really hard times” as he struggles with aphasia. (Photo: Getty Images)

Sylvester Stallone shares some heartbreaking news about his old friend Bruce Willis’ health.

The Rocky The Star was asked if his family had been in touch with Willis since he announced in March that he was retiring from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia, a cognitive disorder that affects a person’s ability to speak and understand others.

“Bruce is going through a very difficult time,” Stallone said The Hollywood Reporter. “So it was kind of out of touch.”

He said: “It kills me, it’s so sad.”

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The pair have been friends for years, as well as business partners. In the early ’90s, they teamed up with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Willis’ first wife, Demi Moore, to support the Planet Hollywood franchise.

American actor, director, screenwriter and producer Sylvester Stallone (left) and actor Bruce Willis attended Demi Moore's 30th birthday party at Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Valencia.  (Photo by Bill Nation/Sygma via Getty Images)

Sylvester Stallone eats cake with Bruce Willis at Demi Moore’s 30th birthday party. Fun fact: Demi turns 60 on Thursday, November 11, 2022. (Photo by Bill Nation/Sygma via Getty Images)

They starred together in Stallone Uncontrollable franchise, which made huge money at the box office. However, in 2013, they had a dispute over Willis’ salary during the signing of the third film. Willis wants $4 million for a four-day shoot, while Stallone wants no more than $3 million. Stallone called Willis “greedy and lazy” on social media. Although Willis stopped playing Mr. Church, they stopped the reconciliation, Stallone later explained that Willis was a “regular guy.” At a press conference ahead of the film’s premiere, Stallone said the invitation to Willis was “nothing personal.”

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When the Willis family shared the news about his health earlier this year, Stallone was one of the Hollywood stars to respond publicly. Taking to social media, she posted some old pictures of them together and wrote: “We go back a long way to wish you and your wonderful family the best…”

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Since Willis’ retirement, he has been out of the spotlight with the only real news coming from his wife Emma Heming and her family. One of the latest was Maren Morris’ sweet video for The Bones. Willis danced with his two younger daughters, gave one a piggyback, played frisbee, kissed his wife, and other sweet moments.

Willis has several completed films in the bunker, including paradise cityOn Friday, he reunites with her Fiction co-star John Travolta. according to a The New York Times review, Willis “seems relatively alert and aware” despite reports of his struggles on set before his diagnosis. It noted that Willis had little screen time and that his one scene with Travolta was “obviously achieved through editing”. He didn’t actually share the frame with his other co-stars, and “several times it sounded like his dialogue was being dubbed by a similar-sounding actor.”


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