Saying Goodbye to “The Internet’s Most Hellish Year”

For the past two days, I had a lavish lunch in the middle of the work day and also spent time watching a movie. If you have the chance, I really recommend it.

Saw It, Thinking Of You

The Internet’s Hellest Year. You know – I really enjoy trends like this, which are more than just a fun catchphrase (“Twitter is a site from hell,” for example) or popular meme (the dog sitting while the room is on fire ), and it digs some of the theoretical foundations. Like yes, let’s talk more about the Dark Ages and circles of hell on their own merits, and not just hyperbole.

There are a lot of WNBA-related links in this round, but those only tell you about our Autostraddle team’s real interests: From Grinch Nail Designs to Player Gift Exchanges, WNBA Players Out of the country Creates a Christmas Spirit.

“The legendary Cheesecake Factory menu, explained.” How the Cheesecake Factory Became the Chain Restaurant of Millennial Dreams

“As a cultural document, maturity sums up the anxious self-reliant nature of early-aughts millennials precisely as Worldwide Catalog sums up the back-to-the-land fantasies of early 1970s boomers.” What We’ve Learned From A Decade of Adulthood

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Queer as in F*ck You

“We think about the fact that you can’t go back. You say, ‘Oh, let’s go back to normal,’… We understand that by normal we mean what we did before February 17. We remember some thing in the past. However, we are trying to make sure we don’t back down. For the most part, our eyes are focused on what’s next in store for both of us.”

If you read this wonderful People magazine profile of Brittney and Cherelle Griner, I hope you take my warning and grab some tissues first. Cherelle Griner on Wife Brittney’s Emotional Reach After Freed from Russia: ‘We’re Holding Tight’

Also, if you’ve seen #WeAreBG online this summer, you’ve probably heard of the Wasserman Group and wondered who they are (I know, I wonder about it). In that case, I would like to recommend this read. Taught me a lot: She was a WNBA Super Agent. Then One of His Clients Becomes a Political Prisoner in Russia. “Lindsay Kagawa Colas served as an important conduit in efforts to free Brittney Griner.”

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From Sally: “Saw this story about a female golfer who died and she won more titles than anyone else. I usually don’t click on a golf story, but I have a strong vibe that she is one you’re gay, and she sure was! (May She Rest In Peace) Kathy Whitworth, LPGA Record-Breaker, Dies at 83

We have a piece about the new Whitney Houston biopic I Want To Dance With Someone Coming out later this week, but until then there’s only one person I want to read about Whitney and that’s Danyel Smith, a venerable OG of Black music journalism who spoke to Los Angeles Times last week: Whitewashing or Reclaiming? A New Whitney Houston Biopic Spotlights Musical Highs Over Personal Lows

Chef Remodels Restaurant to Honor Non-Binary Child’s Transition. “‘I care about my son and, you know, he has a safe and happy life,’ said Dave Heide, owner of Ollie’s in Madison, Wisconsin.”

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Spanish Lawmakers approve Transgender Rights Bill

Whew this whole thread is about elimination as a practice in the aftermath of Tory Lanez’s verdict in the Megan thee Stallion shooting case is a must read.

Political Snacks

The Great Great Medicare Rip-Off. “The government is leaving billions of dollars on the table. Here’s how to fix it.”

Politicians Whose Careers Didn’t Survive 2022

Donald Trump’s Final Campaign. “Inside Donald Trump is sad, lonely, thirsty, broken, basically pretending to be running for reelection. (Which doesn’t mean he can’t win.)”

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