Rick And Morty Creator Leaves Studio Behind Huge Game Pass Hit

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Justin Roiland is leaving Squanch Games a month after the comedy shooter High in life was The most popular Xbox Game Pass edition of 2022. The founder of the studio, he votes a lot High in lifecharacters in the present facing two felony charges of domestic violence From 2020.

Squanch Games announced the news on Tuesday night, after the opening of Adult Swim. Roiland was abandoned Rick and Morty as well as. But the CEO’s resignation appears to have come more than a week ago, on Jan. 16, four days after allegations of domestic violence first surfaced (of which Roiland is not guilty) and three days after. Kotaku for the first time 2018 lawsuit suing the studio for workplace harassment and discrimination (and it was settled in 2019).

“The passionate team at Squanch will continue to develop games that our fans love while continuing to support and improve them. High in life,” studio tweeted yesterday. Squanch Games did not immediately respond to a request for comment on why Roiland resigned, whether it was aware of any other allegations against him or the studio, or whether it still owns any stock in Squanch.

Founded in 2016 by Roiland and former Epic Games executive producer Tanya Watson, Squanch Games’ early projects included virtual reality games. Accounting and Dr. Splorchy presents: Space Heroes. They were followed in 2019 by an action platformer Trover saves the world. Each of them relied heavily on Roiland’s vocal performances, reminiscent of his work. Rick and Morty.

Last year High in lifeWhat started out as a Google Stadia exclusive has become the studio’s biggest game yet. year Kotakus own review, writer Alyssa Mercante found the humor and felt that the running gags were lacking, but she was impressed with the visual style and gunplay. The game divided other critics as well, but audiences flocked to it on Xbox and PC, where it was available on Game Pass on day one.

Whether it was due to the game’s own merits or the fact that it came at the end of an anemic year for Xbox exclusives and blockbusters, it immediately rose to the top of the Game Pass charts. Shortly after release, Microsoft crowned “Xbox Game Pass’ biggest launch of 2022, the biggest third-party Game Pass launch of all time, and the biggest single-player game launch in the service’s history.”

The award comes after a huge promotional campaign for the game on the platform, including podcast interview between human Xbox mascot Larry “Major Nelson” Hrib and Roiland, the latter discussed the game and its effects. That has now been put to rest with the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account doesn’t tweet about High in life since news of the domestic violence allegations first broke.


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