Questions have been raised in response to Hook Entertainment’s statement regarding CEO Kwon Jin Young’s mobility issues

questions are being asked Hook Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Kwon Jin Youngsays he asked a company employee to pick up prescription medication because of his limited mobility.

Among a series of controversies, the latest issue against CEO Kwon Jin-Young concerns special prescription drug orders that company employees must fulfill between June 2020 and June 2022.

On December 8 SBS News Kwon Jin Young was reported to have been involved in suspicious activity involving the possible abuse of prescription drugs. A news outlet reported that a Hook Entertainment employee was responsible for getting Kwon Jin Young prescription drugs for 2 years.

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According to reports, company employees received CEO Kwon’s prescription drugs more than 30 times over a two-year period for chronic illnesses such as sleep disorders. This raised suspicions that the CEO may have obtained these drugs illegally, thereby violating relevant laws governing such substances.

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In response, Hook Entertainment denied all the allegations and CEO Kwon Jin Young strongly stated that he asked his employees to take prescription drugs in accordance with the law.

In addition, the agency stated that the reason it obtained the prescription medication from company employees on its behalf was due to CEO Kwon Ji Young’s severe mobility impairment caused by a cerebral infarction in 2015. the most basic daily tasks. In response to SBS’s reports, Huk’s side said the information was false and would take strict legal action against anyone spreading such false information.

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However, many people are questioning the credibility of his claims as there are photos and posts on various social networks that say otherwise. There are many photos on social media showing CEO Kwon having dinners and even traveling abroad in 2020.

June 19, 2020 – CEO Kwon attends the director’s birthday party at Hook Entertainment.
June 19, 2020 – CEO Kwon attends the director’s birthday party at Hook Entertainment.
May 2020 – CEO Kwon attends an acquaintance’s wedding.
CEO Kwon is attending a friend’s wedding.
September 2020 – CEO Kwon attends the opening ceremony of a familiar restaurant as a “first customer”.

CEO Kwon showed no signs of difficulty with his mobility during the time he asked company employees to pick up prescription medication. The photos show him standing and sitting without difficulty, suggesting that if he has any mobility issues, they are not severe enough to prevent him from participating in all activities.

According to Article 17-2 of the Medical Law in South Korea, if a patient is unconscious or has limited mobility and has been taking the same prescription drug for a long time, a caregiver such as a family member or guardian can restore it. medicine on their behalf. This is permitted only to persons with appropriate authorization.

According to Seoul National University, if a patient is physically unable to move, has a social behavior that cannot walk alone in public places, is in a correctional facility, or is serving mandatory military service, the patient is considered to have significant mobility problems. or have a mental illness.

But it is clear that the transition to the CEO was difficult. According to his social media posts from 2017, CEO Kwon Jin Young is seen walking with a cane. However, photos show CEO Kwon traveling abroad on vacation.

2017 – CEO Kwon is seen with a cane while on vacation in Tokyo.
Summer 2017 – CEO Kwon is seen on vacation in Vietnam.
January 2020 – CEO Kwon Jin Young visited Spain with his acquaintances.

So, as more and more evidence emerges that CEO Kwon did not have mobility issues, many are questioning whether he legally took his prescription drugs.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung-gi, who has been an artist of Hook Entertainment for 18 years, has been involved in various controversies when he claims that he has not been paid royalties for any of his music. After the initial controversy, there were various allegations that CEO Kwon Jin-Young abused his authority and used company funds for his own lavish expenses.


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