Now’s the time for Texas to salvage its season

The Texas Longhorns entered two of their last three games in full control of their finish in the Big 12. They lost both of these games and are now 5-2 (3-1). finished 6-4 (4- 3). It’s a huge disappointment with Texas leaving golden opportunities for wins over No. 11 Oklahoma State and No.

However, despite their recent failures, Texas can save its time, but there is nothing to blame if Sark’s second season is considered a success.

For starters, Texas still has an outside chance of making it to the Big 12 title, which is a little shocking and odd for a team that’s been dropping games down the stretch, but here we are.

“The truth of the matter is – we have a chance if we can win our last two games, there’s a chance there that we can get to the Big 12 Championship game,” he said. Sark to his team, but he added that he was the most important. This week’s game is against Kansas.

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To be honest, that’s not what determines a successful season for Texas. Again, they took control of their 12-speed highway and removed themselves from the second-passenger seat. No sane person would put money into the Longhorns having a chance to avenge TCU, but there is a simple, yet unpredictable trend – win and Kansas State will fall.

That second round is going to be tough because West Virginia and Kansas are all that’s left for K-State, so the Wildcats will have to drop it to get Texas back to Arlington.

It’s the best case, but it’s the least.

Even better, considering things within their own control, Texas could finish the regular season according to the most reasonable preseason expectations – at 8-4.

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Then, of course, the Longhorn bowlers could end the season on a high note if they come out on top in the postseason, turning 6-4 into 9-4 after a three-game winning streak. .

That said, Texas’ survival of the season will depend heavily on them winning, at least through the remainder of the regular season. While 6-6 or 7-5 is an improvement over Texas’ 5-7 showing last year, it’s not the same. At the end of that streak, the Longhorns have dropped at least three, if not four of their last five games, and you might be lucky to find anyone expecting success before 2021. , regardless of the nature of the part of that result.

“I think about where we were last year, it was a tough place to be,” Sark said. “I think we’ve made progress. Do I want to have a better record than 6-4 right now? For sure. But considering the way we lost two of the games and where we are in the standings of the conference, I think there is a lot of faith in what we are doing. I think there is a lot of hope in the way this season is going.

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What this season can be seen. With a little luck and better work than we’ve seen these days, Texas could end up where they wanted from the fly — in Arlington, that is, to help. to the Longhorns to clinch a good bowl picture. But this part is not in their control right now, and hope will not help Texas on Saturdays.

As Sark said a few weeks ago, Texas needs to cut its own fence. It’s the least they need to do if they don’t want to lose this season when the smoke clears.


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