Kanye West Showed Yeezy Creatives an Explicit Video of Kim Kardashian

  • Rolling Stone spoke with several former Yeezy employees about rapper Kanye West’s behavior.
  • According to one creative author, West showed her an intimate image of his then-wife Kim Kardashian in 2018.
  • West also showed Yeezy’s creative team an actual image of Kardashian, according to Rolling Stone sources.

Kanye West, the rapper now known as Ye, once showed Yeezy employees a candid image of his then-wife Kim Kardashian, according to Rolling Stone.

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Rolling Stone spoke with more than two dozen former Yeezy and Adidas employees. Some of those employees described how West showed unexpected and multiple times a clear image of Kardashian.

One incident documented by Rolling Stone involved a meeting with Yeezy’s creative team in 2018. At the meeting, West showed a clear image of Kardashian, according to a Rolling Stone interview with a person who claimed to have seen the video.

In 2018, another such incident happened during a meeting between West and an unnamed young artist in Chicago, according to Rolling Stone. The creative met West at a job interview and saw West dancing to his songs. The employee told Rolling Stone that West pulled out his phone and said, “My wife sent me this.”

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According to the creative, West showed her an intimate picture of Kardashian.

“It was very open and personal. I didn’t really respond,” says the artist.

Rolling Stone also reported other incidents in which West played porn — unrelated to Kardashian — in front of Yeezy’s co-stars.

Yeezy’s partner told Rolling Stone West that he was shown a revealing video of porn star Francesca Le having sex with another woman. The man described what the rapper asked to see on his laptop screen during a meeting at West’s Hollywood Hills home to discuss a potential project.

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“He said, ‘What do you think about that?’ as if He doesn’t laugh at all,” the creative owner told Rolling Stone.

The outlet spoke to two other creatives, including one who worked with West in Yeezy’s early days, who said West once showed them amateur porn videos of him having sex with women.

Kardashian’s rep and West’s attorney did not immediately respond to Insider’s requests for comment.


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