Internet Slams Man For Going Against Wife, Giving Mom a House Key

Online commenters criticized a man who allegedly angered his wife by giving her mother a copy of their house key.

Posting on Reddit’s “Am I The A******” (AITA) forum under the username u/Keyissue_505, the man asked: “AITA for letting my mother copy the key to our new house despite my wife’s objection. ?” The post got over 14,000 upvotes and over 6,000 comments from commenters saying u/Keyissue_505 and his wife should make decisions together. You can read the full post here.

In his post, u/Keyissue_505 said he recently bought a house for himself and his wife.

“[The house] I just bought it. [M]y wife didn’t help save for it…and it’s in my name,” he wrote. However, he later added that his wife paid their bills for a while while he saved the money for their new home .

The couple had an argument
Online commenters criticized a man who allegedly angered his wife by giving her mother a copy of their house key.
Liubomyr Vorona/istock

To celebrate the purchase, u/Keyissue_505’s parents threw a party, where his mom asked for a copy of the house key.

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“I let him go, which made my wife angry. She didn’t say anything at the time, but she waited. [until] we just started [an argument] with me, saying I shouldn’t have let my mother have a copy of the key,” said u/Keyissue_505.

“He said he did not feel ‘comfortable’ with the idea of ​​someone, who is not a resident, [having] a copy of the key. He too [said] My mother did not pay a single penny to the house, so it must be ‘she is not qualified’ to get the key,” he continued.

Angered, u/Keyissue_505 tells his wife that as the sole owner of the house, she can decide who can and cannot get a key. But this made his wife even more angry.

“He yelled at me, said he was ‘technical’ [contributed] towards home savings when he pays our rent and daily expenses while I save money,” she said. “We’ve been back and forth ever since. He is now ‘notifying me’ that if I don’t retrieve the key, he will do it himself.”

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An Expert Opinion

Dr. Diana Kirschner, author and CEO of, said Newsweek that couples need to work together if they want a healthy marriage.

When faced with difficult decisions or challenges, Kirschner advises couples to implement “10-minute listening sessions, where one spouse talks about an issue, and the other listens—that no comment.”

“Then the spouses change roles. In this way, they understand each other’s deeper needs,” said Kirschner. “In [u/Keyissue_505’s] In that case, the wife may talk about the need to be number one in her husband’s life. Or he may talk about his need to feel safe and protected based on a troubled childhood. [Meanwhile]the husband may say [his] relationship with his mother.”

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Reaction from Redditors

Redditors agreed that the couple should work as a team, and they bashed u/Keyissue_505 for not consulting his wife before giving his mother a key to the house.


“YTA. That’s your partner and teammate. Decisions are made together, not separately,” u/MK_King69 wrote.

u/guppytub added: “You’re married…As your spouse, you have to compromise and make decisions together. That includes discussing who else has access to your (YOURS and HERS) home.”

Newsweek reached out to u/Keyissue_505 for comment. We cannot verify the details of this case.

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