‘Frustrated’ Jordan Binnington vents on Blues’ stumbling start: ‘It’s the NHL. Let’s go!’

Jordan Binnington is furious.

In an interview with The Athletic on Thursday, the Blues goaltender sounded as if some of that irritation was directed at himself. But he also really sounded in his company and how long it took to surround the character.

Binnington has been the Blues’ best player at the start of the 2022-23 season, although he has often been injured in the poor play in front of him. His offensive level has built up during that time, and these days more goals are going into the net than can be scored on him. There were more incidents on the ice that he started with opponents, which renewed his reputation around the NHL as a low-key character – an antagonist.

It’s now time for Blues coach Craig Berube to say Binnington needs a “rehabilitation” and Thomas Greiss will start against the Jets on Friday. Greiss has won his last three starts and played well against the Jets earlier this season, despite a 4-0 loss, making 38 saves.

Binnington, who has made 20 of the team’s 26 starts, is 0-6 in his past six appearances with a 5.11 goals-against average and a .827 save percentage.

“Well, I think now ‘Binner’ has had a few days here to work on his game and have some training time,” said Berube. “I think it’s rehab more than anything right now. He’s played a lot of hockey this year. He’s played a lot of good hockey. I think it’s rehab more than anything.”

Binnington practiced the “starting net” on Thursday morning, which usually tells the netminder what to do that night. But after practice, Greiss was the first to return to the Blues’ locker room, where he was confirmed to be starting.

Binnington came in later, and when he took off his gear, he revealed that he was fine. But the anger in his voice was evident.

“I feel good,” he said. “I’m trying to think and clear my mind a bit. I think sometimes when things aren’t going well as a team, you kind of let that out of your game. I was angry. I’m not here to waste my time. I want to win every game, and it’s very difficult when you think… but it is.

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What does it look like? Binnington was asked to withdraw his opinion. What bothers you?

“When you compete and you play hard and you hate to lose and you don’t win, you know, it’s frustrating,” he said. “The trend is growing with the times.”

For Binnington, this is similar to the start of last season, when the Blues won eight of their first 11 games and, in particular, were 6-2. But in mid-November, the wheels began to come off, then Binnington came down with COVID-19 in early December, and he lost his job to restore Ville Husso.

“That’s the old story; It’s been done (two) years in a row, where it’s the same way to start and, you know, it makes me angry,” said Binnington. “I’m here to win and it starts from day one, from a training ground.

“We’re building slowly and playing together. We are going there. But we’re two and a half, three months into the season. It’s just annoying that sometimes something you see is the same and you think things are different. I’m not here to waste my time f—ing every game. That’s the NHL. Let’s go!”

In September, Binnington only spoke with The Athletic and he said he is learning to play with a new motivation this season, and it seems to be working well for him at the start of the season. He led the team back to a 3-0 start, and while he was in the midst of an eight-game hitting streak, he wasn’t bad.

Then the Blues found themselves in a similar situation again, losing games and relying on support.

“When you go through things again, you try to avoid going into it, seeing it (reoccurring),” Binnington said.

Maybe that’s why it’s worse these days.

“Once in a while I’ll express my feelings,” Binnington said. “I hate bees. Yes, we all do. We are all trying to build. Again, the only problem is how long it takes to get there. It’s a team sport, and you try to recruit men. You try to lead. You try to find different ways to lead.”

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Against Carolina on Dec. 12 minutes into the second period Binnington pinned Canes captain Jordan Staal.

On Thursday morning, Binnington addressed the game.

“Well, it’s just a feeling,” he said. “There’s a little bit of emotion there, anger at the way it’s going, and I just try to get a body. I think it’s a clean body – shoulder to chest, hold on the puck. I like the feeling. I like it. I want energy. I want us to play hard, play hard against the opposition and play aggressively. There is a message.

Two nights after the Staal hit, the Blues played Pittsburgh, and with the Penguins leading 3-1 and the first period slipping, Binnington was playing the puck behind. of the net to Justin Faulk.

The Pens’ Jason Zucker was sliding behind the net, chasing the puck, when Binnington dropped his glove and caught Zucker in the face.

Zucker stayed on the ice for a while.

“The Zucker thing, I didn’t know I was going to hit him on the head,” Binnington said. “I tried to make space. What pissed me off about that, he went to classes and sat down, and he was fine. It didn’t matter to him.

But in the second period, Binnington faced just two shots, the second of which was a goal by Zucker. He was pulled from the game, and when he got out, he was hired by the Pittsburgh bench where he verbally assaulted Zucker.

“I’m just letting the guy know how I feel about him and his game,” Binnington said.

In Binnington’s mind, it was between him and Zucker, but in the country it got a lot of headlines.

“Well, it’s kind of unburnt,” he said.

Many would argue for Binnington’s advantage, given the fact that the Zucker incident came on the heels of the Staal.

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“Every scene is different,” he said. “They are not a scam. That’s how I play the game. I don’t know what else to really say about it. I will not hurt anyone. I will not be released.

“Yes, I have my job to stop the puck, but sometimes I feel like a competitor and I can’t just sit there and take it. I’m not allowed to, and I have high standards for us in the It’s like a company and for myself, and I hold myself to that.

Binnington said he sends out a letter every once in a while, even if these letters don’t do anything to motivate the group or anything else.

“Well, I think it’s part of it,” he said. “Now we are taking time to sell the game plan. But I believe that in time we will get there. We are working hard and we want to succeed. Like I mean, it’s just a difficult time that we’re dealing with.”

Whether it was getting blown out or Binnington had a good idea to send a message to the Blues, it was clear after the Pittsburgh game that Berube didn’t like it.

Asked by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Jim Thomas about Binnington’s display of anger, Berube replied: “It has to stop. That doesn’t help. Nothing helps. Just play the goal. Stop the puck.

What does Binnington think about Berube’s analysis?

“I have no idea about that,” he said.

They had a long talk the next day, and Binnington said things were fine.

“Well, it’s about results for me, all the way,” he said. “There is no complaint. I’ll pick myself back up and I’ll go out, keep working and keep going. I just have to keep looking at what I’m doing and, well, just find a way to do it.

And for not starting on Friday, “It’s part of it. It gives me a chance to regroup and come back. Just do it. Find a way. There is no reason.

(Photo of Jordan Binnington: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)


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