Disney CEO Suggests Adults Don’t Like Animated Films, Is Wrong

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Disney movies. Strictly for children.
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Hit movies are not hits because only one audience goes to see them. Because they are a hit all the spectators go to see them. Hence, any genre is only for a certain demographics already surprisingly understated. To say that when history and having your company clearly proves him wrong, it’s a far, farfetched thing.

In the newly released clip The Wall Street Journal, Disney CEO Bob Chapek —yes, the manager in charge Disneysays:

“I always tell our fans and viewers when they put their kids to bed at night after watching it Pinocchio or Dumbo or The little mermaid, they probably won’t be adapted into another animated film. They want something for themselves.”

Do you always say that, Bob? is it true Bob?

really Have you ever seen two stupid sentences from a company executive? He is As Tim Cook would say “You know, I think our fans really love Android.” or Elon Musk is investing in gas.

there is smany things to break here, etcFirst of all, this feeling is not universal not exactly. If your child forces you to watch Encanto or Frozen 200 times during the repetition, of course, you may want wear something else to cleanse the palate: tearful drama, agreat comedy, hard porn, anything. And Disney as a company offers some of these options (nwith the traditional Disney brand—this stuff is PG-13 at best, though This still aimed at children –but with its many other subcategories Fox, Hulu, National Geographic, etc.). The suggestion that adults don’t want to watch animated movies is just silly.

Did this person see it? Wall-E? Beauty and the beast? Toy Story 3? Up? The Lion King? In fact, every great, hit A Disney movie is pretty simple level for children, but with topics and situations that speak to adults, too? AWere they all hits because audiences of all ages went to see them? Does he think Disney is worth billions because only kids watch and love animated movies and everything for them?

Besides, does he think adults will stop loving the movies they grew up with? Some the movies he mentioned are over 50 years old. They were seen as children, now they are old people stop loving them? Has he heard of nostalgia? And what about big huge A community of adults who are Disney fans? The ones who spent thousands and thousands of dollars on Disney merchandise and rides in the park based on these movies? If these people didn’t like animated movies, would Bob be making tens of millions of dollars a year here? We think not.

We could go on and on. What do you think about Chapek’s statement? Tell us below.

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