Acampo mobile home park allowed to repopulate after flooding

Hundreds at Arbor Mobile Home Park were forced to evacuate after historic flooding on January 15.

ACAMPO, Calif. — After more than a week, hundreds of people at the Arbor Mobile Home Park in Acampo have been allowed to go home.

But early on, residents like Anna Villamor vented their frustrations outside the park’s front entrance.

“We’ve run out of money. We’ve got our cars. We can’t go back to work. So what are we going to do?” said Villamor, who lives in the park with her husband and son.

Many of the residents of the 187-unit Arbor Mobile Home Park came each day hoping the evacuation order would be lifted. Floodwaters engulfed the park, located across from Highway 99, two weeks ago.

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“Just feel completely lost. You don’t know what’s going on in your house. It’s the worst experience of our lives,” said Vickie Winter.

Winter and her husband Jack have lived there for seven years. Along with the evacuations, they stayed with friends in nearby Morada.

“It’s our friends and family that have gotten us through it, because it’s been a tough time,” Winter added.

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Many residents said they were frustrated that no one had told them about what happened or when they would return. residents announced on social media.

“They are doing inspections now. They are trying to make sure the houses are still on the pad. If not, they are red tagged as unsafe for now,” said Ding.

By 2:30 p.m., the words residents were expecting from the San Joaquin County Sheriffs Office: “Evacuation Order Lifted.”

While there was damage to some mobile homes and cars, inspections revealed no safety issues were found, no immediate issues with drinking water and electricity was restored.

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“Based on the environmental elements, I think we’re doing the best we can and working closely with our county, state and federal partners to make sure that, one, residents get home and they do it’s in a safe environment,” said Hilary Crowley, spokeswoman for San Joaquin County.

Residents are hoping not only to be reimbursed for the damage from their insurance, but also through FEMA.

Drone Video | Flooding in San Joaquin County led to evacuations at Arbor Mobile Home Park


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