15 Young Versions Of Characters Vs. Older Versions Vs. Now


Krista B. Allen played a young Jenna Rink 13 Continued 30 (2004):

Here’s how Krista looks now (30 years old!):

Here’s Jennifer Garner looking like an old Jenna Rink:

Here is the link:


Sean Marquette played a young Matty Flamhuff 13 30 continues (2004):

Here’s what Shawn looks like now:

Here’s what Mark Ruffalo looked like as old Matty Flamhuff:

Here is the link:


Alexandra Kyle played young Tom Tom 13 30 continues (2004):

Here’s what Alexandra looks like now:

How Judy Greer looked as Big Tom Tom:

Here is the link:


Christina Ricci played young Roberta Now and then (1995):

Here’s what Christina looks like now:

Rosie O’Donnell looked like old Roberta:

Here is the link:


Thora Burch played Young Tiny Now and then (1995)

Here’s what the Torah looks like now:

Here’s what Melanie Griffith looked like as an older teenager:

Here is the link:


Tanvi Ganesh Lonkar played young Lathika Slumdog Millionaire (2008):

Here’s how Tanvi looks now:

Here’s Freida Pinto as the old Latika:

Here is the link:


Tanai Chhida played Young Jamal Slumdog Millionaire (2008):

Here’s what Tanay looks like now:

Here’s how Dev Patel Sr looks like Jamal:

Here is the link:


Kayla Pratt played young Monica Love and basketball (2000):

Here’s what Kayla looks like now:

Here’s how Sanaa Latan looks like a grown-up Monica:

Here is the link:


Glendon Chatman Young played Quincy Love and basketball (2000):

What Glendon looks like now:

Here’s Omar Epps as Quincy:

Here is the link:


Peyton List played Jan Jane 27 Dresses (2008):

Here’s what Peyton looks like now:

Here’s Katherine Heigl as Jane the Elder:

Here is the link:


Zac Efron played young Mike 17 Again (2009):

Here’s what Zac looks like now:

Here’s Matthew Perry as Older Mike:

Here is the link:


Here’s Michael Conner Humphries as a young Forrest Gump Forrest gump (1994):

Here’s what Michael looks like now:

Here’s Tom Hanks as the old Forrest Gump:

Here is the link:


Young Melanie was played by Dakota Fanning Sweet Home Alabama (2002):

Here’s what Dakota looks like now:

Here’s Reese Witherspoon as old Melanie:

Here is the link:


Robert De Niro played the young Vito Corleone The Godfather Part II (1974):

Here’s what Robert De Niro looks like now:

Here’s Marlon Brando as an older Vito Corleone:

Here is the link:


Francis Capra played the young Calogero A Bronx Tale (1993):

Here’s what Francis looks like now:

Lillo Brancato Jr. as Old Calogero looked like this:

Here is the link:


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